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What are Xenon Headlights?

What are Xenon Headlights?

Xenon HID Headlights

Have you ever driven in the night with less than perfect headlights? It can be a horrendous and extremely challenging task especially if you are exhausted or when the weather takes a turn for the worse. A good set of headlight bulbs is indispensable because you are able to see the road ahead clearly. This makes it incredibly easy to identify any potential hazards much sooner and safely avoid them. Having great lighting is a sure way of preventing avoidable accidents. 

If you have been thinking about getting better headlight bulbs, there is no doubt you have come across the term “Xenon HID” lights. This is an increasingly common system of lighting used by manufacturers who are committed to offering the best lighting and even add a touch of style and elegance to cars. But what are Xenon HID Lights, how do they work and are they really a worthwhile addition to your car? In this short but detailed article you will learn what you need to know about Xenon HID lights and if they are the right choice for you.

Let’s delve in….

· What are xenon headlights?

Xenon headlights are also referred to as High Intensity Discharge or HIDs. Unlike traditional halogen bulbs, these provide a crisp and whitish blue light which is clearer and illuminates the road far ahead better. Contrary to common misconception, they are not a recent invention; in fact Xenon headlights have been around since the early 1990s and their popularity keeps growing. 

They are easy to spot on the road thanks to their extreme brightness and crisp clear white/blue tint. These headlight bulbs are made using “Xenon” a harmless chemical element which is categorised as a noble gas. Xenon is made up of 6 odourless chemical elements which are generally colourless and extremely stable under typical atmospheric pressures and temperatures. That’s the technical bit over with…


· How do Xenon Headlights Work?

In traditional halogen bulbs, light is emitted because of a huge electrical resistance which is caused by passing current through a thin metallic wire (filament). On the other hand, High Intensity Discharge Bulbs are full of Xenon gas and also contain 2 tungsten electrodes found one on each end of the bulb. When the bulb is switched on, there is an automatic high intensity charge between the electrodes contained in the bulb resulting in light. The role of the Xenon gas is to greatly amplify the light emitted when arc of electricity passes from one electrode to another. 

Apart from Xenon gas, there are a variety of metal salts also found in the bulb. The high intensity charge between the electrodes causes the metal salts to vaporise. The vaporised metallic salts produce an intense energy which excites Xenon gas molecules causing the Xenon gas to produce an intense blue glow. 

· Advantages of using Xenon HID lights over traditional halogen bulbs?

1.)  Xenon HID Light bulbs are more durable

Traditional halogen bulbs consist of a filament which is essentially a narrow wire which allows electric current to pass through it. The constant shift in temperature which is caused by switching lights off and on gradually weakens the filament making it more fragile until it eventually fails to work as expected (this is what occurs when a light bulb blows’). Since Xenon HID lights do not use a filament which weakens overtime, they last much longer that traditional halogen bulbs which saves money.

2.)  Xenon Headlights produce a more colourful, vivid and bright light

In regular headlights current passes through a metal filament to emit light, while in High Intensity Discharge bulbs create an arc between contacts and the xenon gas help to amplify brightness. Since the brightness is amplified it more vivid and intense. 

Can I update to Xenon HID lights?

If your car is fitted with traditional halogen bulbs, it is not possible to just install Xenon HID Bulbs. This is because these two kinds of bulbs work differently, connect to cars differently and sometimes have different shapes. Using a HID Conversion Kit available for purchase on this website, you will be able to easily and safely convert a halogen headlight into Xenon HID headlights. It is important to only purchase these kits from a reputable seller who sells high quality items that have been tried and tested. We strongly recommend researching exhaustively and buying from a trusted UK supplier. 

We also sell replacement high quality Xenon HID Bulbs on this site at an affordable price. Just like the HID Conversion Kit, it is important to buy from a trusted in supplier. Tread carefully when buying Xenon HID Bulbs because some bulbs marketed as using Xenon gas are just halogen bulbs that use Xenon gas to amplify the white light. These do not give you the added benefits of using a real Xenon HID Conversion Kit, but are often a similar price without the benefits.

Are Xenon Headlights worthwhile investment?

Absolutely! Although you will incur some cost to update from halogen bulbs to Xenon headlights. You will not regret making the change. This improved lighting system is worth every single penny because you get a strong, light output that is more vivid; and also lasts much longer than the standard halogen bulbs. Aside from the improved safety, Xenon headlights are more aesthetically pleasing and can often transform the look of a older vehicle to looking much more modern that it actually is.

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