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Xenon HID

Upgrading your vehicles headlights to Xenon HID can provide you with up to 400% more visibility on the road. At Xenons Online, we stock a wide range of Xenon HID products, such as Xenon HID Conversion Kits, which can quickly and easily upgrade your headlights from Halogen Bulbs to a brighter, whiter, and more modern HID Bulb.

Not only that, but we also stock a wide range of replacement bulbs, available in a variety of colour temperatures, from a 5000k pure white, a 6000k ice white or a 8000k blue tint, suitable for a wide range of different bulb types, as well as factory fitted Xenon HID headlight bulbs, such as D1s, D2r, D2s, and D4s.

If you have any doubts, questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us – we’re more than happy to help!