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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Xenons Online is to supply outstanding products of the highest quality at very reasonable prices. We also believe that regardless of the quality of the products, this means nothing if you cannot provide customer support that is on par with the products you're offering - therefore we pride ourselves, not only on our products but on our customer support also. 

We feel that this attitude towards business is why we've maintained the good reputation we've established and is why our customers don't go elsewhere. Anybody can sell something, building an excellent relationship with your customers is priceless.

Where did it start?

Xenons Online established in 2005, with one mission in mind. Supply high quality automotive Xenon HID Conversion Kits and Xenon HID Xenon HID Accessories.

Started in a small office bedroom, initially purchasing only one kit from China Xenons Online has now grown into one of the largest Xenon HID suppliers in the UK.

The first kit was purchased by myself, Nathan Reeves the owner of Xenons Online; for my own car at the time a Mk5 RS2000. I wanted all the benefits of converting my Morrette headlamps to Xenon HID but wasn't quite sure about paying £249 for the H4 Bi-Xenon kit, the search for a supplier began. I started off asking friends who had recently purchased kits where they got them from, how much and what they thought of them.

It was soon apparent that the UK suppliers at the time where selling overpriced budget kits from China, well the suppliers that my friends had purchased from anyway. I contacted another friend of mine that was already importing from China he introduced me to someone that introduced me to someone, and I finally found a supplier offering products that looked top quality at a decent price.

After some internet searching, I soon realised that the supplier I had found stocked a massive range of Xenon HID kits, bulbs and accessories. Was I safe ordering from them though? Would I ever receive the goods?

I was soon about to find out, I had spoken to the supplier several times by then explaining I was a well-established "Automotive Lighting Specialist" and that I wanted to test his product... Well how else would I have managed to buy one kit off a supplier shipping thousands of kits per day.

A "test order" of one kit was made funnily enough it was for the same kit that I needed for my car. A week went by and it finally arrived, I fitted the H4 Bi-Xenon kit, and everything worked as it should with no problems installing all in all happy with it and glad it actually turned up.

It wasn't long after that some of the friends who had already purchased the Xenon HID kits before me had started to notice problems, intermittent problems with igniting bulbs, bulbs not producing the same light as one another etc.

Replacement bulbs purchased from eBay didn't solve the problems, it must have been the ballasts at fault. After pricing up replacement ballasts it soon became apparent that I could supply them with a complete kit for the same price. I mentioned this and before I knew it, I was making another order for three kits.

With us all being members of online car clubs and attending local club "Meets" word soon got around and more and more people started to ask could I get them some Xenon HIDs, before I knew it, I had become the man to see about HIDs.

With Increasing numbers asking for complete kits, can i post them out, can I accept PayPal. I decided to turn the opportunity into Xenons Online. was born.

Now operating from our own premises we're bigger and better offering more products than ever before.

Xenons Online has always been known for top quality items at reasonable prices, we intend to continue being known for just that.

We would like to thank everyone who has been part of getting us to where we are today, it's much appreciated - thanks!

Xenons Online

"The Automotive Lighting Specialists"