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HID Bulbs

HID Bulbs

HID Bulbs

HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs are a type of lighting technology that are often used in car headlights either installed by the vehicle manufacturer or retro fitted by the owner using a Xenon HID Conversion Kit to convert halogen bulbs to xenon hid bulbs.

Xenon HID Bulbs offer higher visibility than standard halogen bulbs. Gain up to 300% more visibility by changing from your standard halogen bulb to a Xenon headlight that produces a much whiter, brighter light. Xenon headlights also use less power but provide you with more vivid light which drastically improves night time vision.

Xenon HID Bulbs use a high voltage arc to create a bright, efficient light that is much brighter than traditional halogen bulbs. HID bulbs are known for their long lifespan and energy efficiency. They do require a special ballast to regulate the high voltage arc. Manufacturer installed Xenons use a OEM Ballast, and a retro fitted Xenon HID Conversion Kit uses a aftermarket Xenon HID Ballast.

All of our Xenon Bulbs are sold in pairs, our bulbs are genuine XenonsOnline Xenon HID bulbs and come with a 12 month warranty.

If you already have Xenon HID bulbs installed within your vehicle and you’re looking for replacements we stock replacement bulbs in all of the major sizes. We also stock multiple colours, from pure white to tinted blue.

Here are the links to our Xenon HID Bulbs.

H1 HID Bulbs

H3 HID Bulbs

H4 HID Bulbs

H7 HID Bulbs

H9 HID Bulbs

H11 HID Bulbs

HB3 HID Bulbs

HB4 HID Bulbs

HIR2 HID Bulbs

D1S HID Bulbs

D2R HID Bulbs

D2S HID Bulbs

D3S HID Bulbs

D4S HID Bulbs

D8S HID Bulbs


If your looking to convert your Halogen Bulbs to HID then you will need one of our HID Kits, these are used to convert from Halogen to Xenon HID.

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