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Ford Transit Custom H7 Xenon HID Conversion Kit Canbus Error Free

Ford Transit Custom H7 Xenon HID Conversion Kit Canbus Error Free

One of our customers came to us after a debate on Facebook, lots of the "COG" group was discussing lighting options and many said that Xenon HID Conversion Kits was a no no mainly due to the Transits complicated on board computer bringing up errors after installation.

Some claimed that other Xenon HID Suppliers where they had purchased from had suggested additional resistors and other error cancelling aids, however not living up to the promises and still causing dashboard errors.

Andrew one of the members of the Facebook group who lives local to our workshop soon offered to bring his beautiful Ford Transit Custom over for us to show him and many others that our state of the art Canbus Xenon HID Conversion Kits can be installed without any problems what so ever.

And we did just that!

Andrew opted for the H7 6000k Canbus Xenon HID Conversion Kit, installation didn't take much time with the Transits headlights only being held in by two torx bolts. All of the wiring for the ballasts and the ballasts themselves sat neatly under the headlights and couldn't be seen anywhere looking from above.

Andrew also went for our T10 5 SMD Canbus LED Bulbs too, matching the 6000k HIDs very well and ridding the headlights of that daunting yellow glow many struggle to live with.

Once both headlamps had been converted we started the engine and checked if any errors was present, we switched the lights on and off a few times and tried a few combinations to see if we could cause any errors or other problems. We could not.

We came to the conclusion all was well and the horror stories being told on the internet was no where near as bad as expected. Our H7 Canbus kit lived up to the hype and Andrew now is more than happy.

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