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Installing Ford Fiesta LED headlight bulbs really is easy!

Installing Ford Fiesta LED headlight bulbs really is easy!

Here's a short blog post showing just how easy it is to swap your old Halogen bulbs for our Project-X LED Headlight Bulbs.

First Remove the two Torx bolts securing your headlights, one of them is located towards the top of the headlight near the wing and the other into the slam panel.

Installing LED Headlights into a Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta LED Headlight Fitting Instructions.

Ford Fiesta LED Headlight Installation

Once the Torx bolts are out you need to remove the wiring harness from the car to the headlight, you can see the connector here just below the rubber cap.

Ford fiesta headlight bulbs.

Once the wiring has been disconnected place one hand underneath the headlight and the other ontop, pulling upwards with some force will release the headlight from the bracket securing the headlight from underneath. This can be quite stiff but it will go.

Now the headlight is out remove the rubber cap from the back exposing the internals of the headlight and the halogen bulb.

Here is the inside of the headlight once the original H7 Halogen bulb has been removed, to remove the bulb just gently pull whilst rocking the bulb side to side.

Ford Fiesta H7 LED Fitting

Now the Halogen bulb has been removed the H7 Project-X LED can be installed.

Line up the top shown at the bottom of the bulb in this picture and gently push into place making sure all of the metal bulb securing tabs go over the bulb base and hold it in place.

H7 Project-X LED Headlight Bulbs Installation

Now connect the bulb wiring harness to the socket that you removed from the back of the halogen bulb.

LED Headlights

Now post the wiring back inside of the headlight.


LED Installation

Now your good to put the replacement rubber caps on, the replacment rubber caps have been designed to go over the fan on the rear of the LED bulb, your original caps will not allow this. The rubber caps can be bought seperately from here... Rubber Domed Headlight Cap

LED Rubber Cap 78mm

Plug the wiring harnes back into the headlight, line up the headlight and firmly press downwards when in position to fix the headlight into the bracket securing the underneath of the headlight.

Put the torx bolts in and tighten up.

Check both lights are working and wait for it to go dark!

LED Haadlight Bulb Alignment

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