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Ford Mondeo Xenon HID Headlight Upgrade

Ford Mondeo Xenon HID Headlight Upgrade

Notorious for having poor headlights from the factory, this car came in for a H7 6000k Xenon HID Conversion Kit

Ford Mondeo Xenon HID Kit

On this 2008 Mondeo you will also require the Ford Mondeo Xenon HID Bulb Holders. Immdeiately we could see the difference even in a well lit workshop during the day, we could see that the extra light was now being projected forward where needed the most.

Over the years we have seen certain Makes and Models of cars come from the factory with poor lighting, we can often resolve this issue with a headlight bulb upgrade. We still find Xenon Headlight Upgrades to be the best performing and value for money versus any other headlight upgrades on the market today.


Products Used.

H7 Xenon HID Conversion Kit


Ford Mondeo Xenon HID Bulb Holders

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