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Audi A3 Xenon HID Conversion Kit

Audi A3 H7 Canbus Xenon HID Conversion Kit

With our customer complaining of poor performance from the stock headlamps and halogen bulbs, she was over the moon with the results of the H7 6000k Canbus HID Conversion Kit. Not only has it transformed the look of the vehicle but it has also improved the amount of light output on the road and increased visibility

To match the Xenon HID Conversion kit that was installed, the customer was worried that both the sidelights and main beam would look odd Vs the bright white crisp light of the H7 6000k HID Bulbs was giving out. We decided to match the look of the HIDs by changing the Sidelights to T10 Canbus LEDs, and to keep costs down we went for H7 Performance Halogen main beam headlight bulbs. With them being Halogen they are not as white as HID or LED but at a fraction of the cost it was a nice lighting modification to carry out whilst changing the other bulbs and still an improvement over the original Halogen Bulbs.

Not to make the rear feel left out we also installed some LED Number Plate Units. We decided on these because they house more LEDs than Replacement Festoon LED Bulbs and give a much cleaner whiter light output too.

The customer was more than happy with the results and has noticed a massive difference in visibility with light output on the road.

An alternative to the Xenon Conversion kit would have been our Canbus H7 Headlight Bulbs producing just as much light if not a little more than the Xenon Kit, some customers find them easier to install because they don't require a ballast.

If your Audi A3 has original Xenons then it will use OEM Xenon Bulbs such as D1S Xenon Bulbs, or D3S Xenon Bulbs. These bulbs are also controlled by a Xenon Ballast. If your original Xenon lights are not working then its not necessarily the bulb that's failed it could be the xenon ballast usually located underneath the headlight. 

A quick test to check to see what is at fault would be to swap the bulbs from one side to the other. If the same bulb doesn't work on the other side then its the bulb, if it does then its the xenon ballast at fault.

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