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H7 Halogen Bulb

Are H7 bulbs xenon?

H7 is the base of the bulb, H7 Bulbs can come in a variety of types such as H7 Halogen Bulbs, H7 LED Bulbs and H7 Xenon Bulbs.

With that said it is possible that a H7 Bulb may be Xenon. Below we will discuss the different types of H7 Bulbs that are available.

H7 Xenon Bulbs

H7 Xenon Bulb
This is what a H7 Xenon Headlight Bulb looks like, the shape of the metal base towards the bottom of the bulb is what makes it a H7 Bulb. Other Xenon bulbs are available with different shaped bases and come with names like H1, H4, H9...
H7 Xenon Headlight bulbs cannot be installed alone they require a Xenon Ballast to be able to function. Without a ballast this type of bulb will not work at all, and are usually only purchased when a Xenon Ballast is already present. If a Ballast isnt already present then people looking to install Xenon Bulbs would be required to purchase a Xenon HID Conversion Kit, this conversion kit comes with ballasts and bulbs and are usually used to convert H7 Halogen Bulbs to Xenon.
H7 Halogen bulb
This is the type of bulb that comes as standard in most vehicles. Often producing a low amount of light that looks yellow compared to Xenon or LED bulbs. This is the reason why most people decide to upgrade the standard H7 Halogen bulb to a H7 Xenon Bulb or LED. However there are also some upgraded performance Halogen H7 Bulbs available too. Performance halogen bulbs are often filled with a Xenon gas to help it produce a brighter whiter light, some manufacturers also coat the glass itself with a blue coating to also help produce a whiter modern glow. 
H7 LED Bulb
Compared to Halogen and Xenon, LED headlights are the new kids on the block. However only recently have they been able to be taken seriously. Our H7 LED Headlight Bulb range are an excellent option if looking to upgrade your Halogen H7 Bulbs for something brighter and whiter, They are becoming a popular choice with people modifying car lighting because they can now produce more light than Xenon Bulbs with the added benefit of not needing a Xenon Ballast, making them easier to install and much neater to look at.
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