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PWY24W Canbus LED Amber Indicator Bulbs (Pair)

PWY24W Canbus LED Amber Indicator Bulbs (Pair)
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PWY24W Canbus LED Indicator Bulbs

Our latest industry-leading PWY24W LED Indicator bulbs, designed to produce a massive amount of light and combat hyper flashing.

Here at Xenons Online we are always striving to help road users overcome issues sometimes associated with upgrading car led bulbs, this time offering some of the latest technology to eliminate hyper flashing and produce a super bright LED Bulb safely.

What is Hyper Flashing?

Hyper flashing is when your indicators flash rapidly, this occurs sometimes after swapping halogen indicator bulbs to led indicator bulbs. A standard halogen indicator bulb uses more power and higher resistance, and the LED Indicator uses less power and less resistance. The car gets confused with this and starts to flash the indicators a lot quicker than normal hence the name Hyper Flashing

How do you stop Hyper Flashing?

Up until recently the only way to really stop Hyper flashing was to install external resistors to the vehicles wiring, this would add enough resistance to trick the vehicle into thinking it had halogen bulbs in and stop the rapid flashing of the indicator bulbs. Now incorporating some of the latest technology we no longer need external resistors and can offer a solution built into the bulb making them Plug & Play.

High-resistance LED bulbs or LED Resistors get extremely hot!

Rest assured unlike others available on the market our LED Indicator bulbs have built in digital circuitry that can alter the brightness slightly when the bulb is used over a prolonged period of time. Reducing the brightness slightly will allow the bulb to cool down and avoid it from damaging itself, we have seen other bulbs without this technology fail due to the heat build-up

The Best PWY24W LED Car Bulbs?

We think so and so do many of our customers!

  • 1800 Lumens
  • Canbus Error Free
  • No Hyper Flashing
  • Safe to Use
  • Plug & Play