`` Osram 66250 Original D2r Xenarc 35w Xenon HID Bulb (Single) Osram 66250 Original D2r Xenarc 35w Xenon HID Bulb (Single) – Xenons Online

Osram 66250 Original D2r Xenarc 35w Xenon HID Bulb (Single)

Osram 66250 Original D2r Xenarc 35w Xenon HID Bulb (Single)
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Genuine Xenarc 66250 D2R Xenon HId Bulb, E-Marked Approved and made in Germany.


Four-year guarantee!

With up to 4,500K closer to the colour temperature of natural daylight than conventional halogen light (3,200K) and therefore easier on the eyes. Successfully used in millions of
new automobiles from renowned manufacturers, whether as standard initial equipment or original spare parts. Latest innovation,

OSRAM Trust Program

Verify original OSRAM xenon bulbs!

OSRAM strives to deliver premium-quality products – a fact that has garnered the
attention of manufacturers who flood the market with fakes. This is not just an economic
issue, but one that puts customer safety at stake. The OSRAM Trust Program helps
customers to verify OSRAM original xenon products.

Why trusting OSRAM is always the right thing to do
There are already a certain number of fake bulbs
circulating, many of which claim to be OSRAM XENARC®
bulbs. Some of those fakes are easy to spot. But some
are so cleverly faked, even the eye of a professional
can’t spot the difference.
That’s why we have implemented a 2-step security
process. It’s easy to use and guaranteed to get you
results within seconds.

Safety features
One part of the OSRAM Trust Program is to implement two safety
features into the manufacturing process. Starting with OSRAM
XENARC® products, you can verify your bulbs using the following
two safety features:

Packaging label code

Every original OSRAM xenon packaging has a unique 7-digit label code attached,
the last 3 digits of which can be seen as a hologram in the lower right corner. Next
you’ll find a security strip with microtext which is legible with a magnifying glass. Finally
there’s an OSRAM logo, the URL www.osram.co.uk/trust and a QR code leading to our
OSRAM Trust Program website.

Unique bulb data on each bulb

Each safety label is assigned to exactly one bulb during the manufacturing process. You
can find the unique bulb data on the base of your bulb.

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