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H7 Canbus Decoder (Pair)

H7 Canbus Decoder (Pair)
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High Quality H7 Canbus Decoder, capable of resolving Canbus errors on most vehicles after installing H7 LED or H7 Xenon HID Conversion Kits.


On certain vehicles the lighting systems are monitored to detect any issues you may have like a bulb failing and stop working, and more often displays a warning on the dashboard if any issues are detected.  Some vehicles display an actual message and some a symbol of a light bulb to indicate a problem. Swapping the bulbs from standard halogen to anything else can be detected as a problem by the system, sometimes just displaying an error message and on some vehicles actually turning the light off itself or cause flashing / flickering.


These decoders are designed to help trick the vehicles system to think it still has halogen lights fitted and stop it from reporting any errors or interfering of the lights.

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