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Ford Transit Custom H11 Switchback Fog Light Units (Pair)

Ford Transit Custom H11 Switchback Fog Light Units (Pair)
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Get Switched On

Our H11 Switchback Fog Units produce an ultra bright White light, but with the added benefit of being able to quickly Switch to a safe strong Yellow when required.

Default the XenonsOnline H11 Switchbacks emit a massive amount of White light, significantly brighter than the original Halogen bulbs, allowing for greater vision illuminating road markings, signs and other potential hazards when you need it the most.

Why Switchback? 

Whilst the White LED output produces much more light and is also more aesthetically pleasing to the eye,  having the ability to Switch things up when severe conditions set in is crucial.

Switching the Fog Lights off and on within 5 seconds, switches the light output from White to weather beating Yellow. The Yellow light produced handles severe weather conditions with ease, cutting through heavy fog and torrential rain is what the XenonsOnline H11 Switchbacks do best!

Switching the Fog Lights back off and on will revert back to White.

Voltage: 12v
Quantity: 2 X H11 Units
White: 6000K 
Yellow: 3000K

Not to be used in fog lights also used as cornering lights, it is your responsibility to check compatibility before purchasing.

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