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Volkswagen Golf R Replacement D3S Xenon HID Bulbs

Volkswagen Golf R Replacement D3S Xenon HID Bulbs

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D3S Xenon HID Bulbs


This Golf R came into us with an ageing D3S Xenon HID Bulb, telltale signs of this is the colour the light is emitting. If you look at the Drivers side, still emitting a nice crisp white light. However the passenger side Xenon HID Bulb has now turned purple in colour and will fail shortly after.

Volkswagen D3S Xenon HID Bulbs failed and turned purple.

D3s Xenon HID Bulb has turned purple and failed,


How to change a Volkswagen Golf R D3S Xenon HID Bulb.

Start by removing the grill, 4 Torx bolts along the top, pull forwards and then up.

How to change Volkswagen Golf R D3S Xenon HID Bulbs

Remove the headlight supports from the top of the headlights. 3 Torx bolts. 1 on the inner wing and 2 towards the middle of the vehicle.

Golf R Xenon Headlight Bulb Replacement

Take the 2 Torx Bolts out holding the headlight in one to the inner side and one to the rear.

Take the Torx bolts out from the wheel arch liners.


Peel the arch liner forwards and then remove the Torx bolt on the underside.

Now the arch liner bolts are out we can pull the bumper edges away from the vehicle.


Pull the bumper corner further out and remove the last Torx bolt holding the headlight in.

Unplug the headlight.

 Pulling the bumper forward will now allow the headlight to slide out.


Take the screws out holding the cap on the rear of the headlight.

The bulb is held in with a ring securing it to the headlight, don't just try pulling the bulb out. Turn the ring anti clockwise and the bulb will come out easily.


Put the headlight back in and build it back up.

Volkswagen Golf D3S Xenon HID Bulb Remplacements

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