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Volkswagen Golf Mk5 R32 D2S LED Bulbs

Volkswagen Golf Mk5 R32 D2S LED Bulbs


The owner of this MK5 R32 came to us today with a D2S Xenon HID headlight bulb out, rather than replace it for a normal D2S HID Bulb we opted to install a pair of our D2S LED Bulbs.

We installed one and had a quick look to see the difference between D2S HID and D2S LED. Straight away it was obvious the D2S LED was much brighter, even in the daylight the difference was clear to see.

MK5 Golf R32 D2S LED Bulbs

We also ran a test using our own light meter to see the amount of light each bulb was producing, we picked the hotspot of each bulb and measured the brightest area.



The meter shows the LED D2S Bulb is producing more than twice the amount of light as the D2S HID Bulb.


A very worthwhile upgrade considering its a Plug and Play solution without the need of any modified ballasts or external controllers. Simply remove the D2S HID Bulb and install the new D2S LED Bulb.

MK5 Golf D2S Xenon HID BulbMK5 Golf D2S LED Bulb


D2S Xenon HID Bulbs Can be purchased >>>HERE<<<

D2S LED Bulbs Can be purchased >>>HERE<<<

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