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A picture of a H11 Halogen bulb from the side.

The Ultimate Guide to H11 Bulbs: The Features and Benefits of LED & Xenon HID.

The Ultimate Guide to H11 Bulbs: The Features and Benefits of LED & Xenon HID.

H11 Halogen Bullb from the side.

When it comes to vehicle lighting, the choice of bulb can significantly impact visibility, safety, and aesthetics. Today we will focus on the H11 | 711 bulb and the various options available, This guide delves into everything you need to know about H11 bulbs, from Halogen to LED and Xenon HID variants. 

Understanding H11 Bulbs

H11 Halogen bulbs are widely used in vehicles for headlights and fog lights due to their powerful illumination and durability. H11 Halogen bulbs can produce up to 1000 lumens and are often upgraded to either Xenon HID or LED to increase light output.

Benefits of Upgrading to a H11 Xenon HID Conversion Kit

H11 Xenon HID Conversion Kits provide several advantages over traditional halogen bulbs. They produce a brighter light up to 3500 lumens, a choice of colours (5000k, 6000k 8000k) when combined can improve visibility in night driving and adverse weather conditions. 

Benefits of Upgrading to H11 LED Bulbs

H11 LED Bulbs are all of the above but better! Producing up to 12,000 Lumens which is a staggering 1100% increase over the standard Halogen Bulbs. LED Bulbs don't come with the option of choosing the colour, the manufacturers often decide this and usually choose in between the range of 5500k and 6500k, This produces a crisp white light with maximum performance. 

H11 LED Bulbs are often a like for like replacement, meaning no addition Ballasts unlike the H11 Xenon HID Conversion Kit. Making them easier to install and take up less space.


A graph showing the different lumen output of H11 Halogen Bulbs, H11 Xenon HID Conversion Kit and H11 LED Bulbs
Halogen Xenon HID LED
1000lm 3500lm 12000lm

How to Choose the Right H11 Bulb

Selecting the right H11 bulb involves considering factors such as:

  • Colour Temperature: Ranging from warm yellow to cool blue, the colour temperature affects visibility and driver comfort.
  • Lumens: The brightness level of the bulb. Higher lumens mean brighter light.
  • Installation: Like for like or a little more complicated.
  • Canbus: Does your car use the Canbus system to warn of any bulb faults?

Installation Guide for H11 Bulbs

Installing H11 bulbs is a straightforward process that can be done at home with basic tools. We will briefly explain the differences below..


    • H11 Halogen Bulbs: Like for like, simply take the old halogen bulb out and install the new halogen one.
    • H11 Xenon HID Conversion Kits: A little more complicated because the H11 Xenon HID Bulb requires a ballast to power it. So once you replace the  Halogen bulb with the Xenon HID Bulb you then have to connect the ballast to the bulb and then connect the ballast. It's not rocket science but its still one more step to take.
    • H11 LED Bulbs: Like for like, simply take the old halogen bulb out and install the new LED one.

    Common Issues and Troubleshooting

    Onboard car computer systems (CANBUS) are often used to monitor the car for any issues or faults, if a issue or fault is found then it can display a warning light on your dashboard to make you aware. 

    One of the systems that is often monitored is the lighting system. The onboard computer monitors the bulbs resistance, if the bulb was to fail then it detects the fault and displays a warning on the dash. (Not all cars do this)

    When choosing to either replace or upgrade your H11 Bulbs this must be taken into account, whether or not your vehicle is monitoring the lighting system. The easiest way to do this is if you already have a failed bulb and that's why you are replacing it, do you have a warning message or light on your dashboard? If you don't have a failed bulb and are just upgrading, then you can always just take one bulb out and again check to see if you have any warning messages or lights on your dashboard. 

    Our H11 Xenon HID Conversion Kits are 99.9% error free, meaning the ballasts used in our kits have the ability to cancel any errors that may arise from changing from Halogen to Xenon.

    Our H11 LED Bulbs come in both Non-Canbus and Canbus meaning you may get errors if your vehicle has such a system and you choose the wrong type, just keep this in mind when making your decision and order Canbus if needed.

    FAQs About H11 Bulbs

    Q: Can I replace H11 Halogen bulbs with LED or Xenon HID?
    A: Yes, H11 bulbs can be replaced with compatible LEDs or a Xenon HID Conversion Kit for brighter light and longer lifespan.

    Q: Are H11 bulbs high and low beam?
    A: A single H11 bulb cannot be used for high and low beam, These are normally H4 Bulbs, however some vehicles may use two H11 bulbs one for low beam and another for high beam.

    Q: Are H11 bulbs the same as 9005 Bulbs or 9006 Bulbs?

    A: No they are not the same. Although the overall shape and size are the same, the actual base used to install the bulb into the headlight is different.

    Q: Are H11 bulbs the same as H8 Bulbs?

    A: No, the difference is in the power of the bulb, H8 are typically 35w and H11 are 55w. The shape size and fitting of the H8 and H11 is the same and can be interchanged. 

    H8 bulbs can be found here...

    H8 LED Bulbs
    H8 Xenon HID Bulbs


    Q: What bulb is interchangeable with H11?

    A: The H11 bulb can be interchanged with the following bulb types H8 / H9  / H16. Pay attention to the wattage differences and if increasing the wattages will become a problem.

    Q: How do you remove a H11 bulb?

    A: Removing a H11 bulb is relatively easy and in most cases the bulb is exposed and not installed inside the headlight with a cover sealing them in. The bulb is removed by twisting the body of the bulb anti clockwise, some may need the wiring taking off the bulb socket first before attempting to twist anti clockwise. Installing is the reverse by inserting the bulb then twisting clockwise.

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