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LED Headlight Bulbs: Answering 10 Frequently Asked Questions

LED Headlight Bulbs: Answering 10 Frequently Asked Questions

10 FAQs About LED Headlight Bulbs

Q1. What are the benefits of upgrading to LED headlight bulbs?

Upgrading your cars headlight bulbs to LED headlight bulbs can provide several benefits, but the key is the increased visibility while driving at night. Some LED headlights claim 400% more light. Other benefits include longer lifespan, more modern looking and lower energy consumption compared to traditional halogen bulbs. LED headlight bulbs also tend to be more durable, resistant to vibrations, and have a faster turn on time, which can enhance safety on the road.


Q2. Are LED headlight bulbs brighter than standard halogen bulbs?

LED headlight bulbs are typically brighter than traditional halogen bulbs. The exact amount by which LED headlight bulbs are brighter than halogen bulbs can vary depending on the specific model and brand of the LED bulbs. A typical halogen headlight bulb may produce around 900-1200 lumens, while some LED bulbs can produce around 2000-10,000 lumens.

It's important to note that not all LED headlight bulbs are the same and some may not be as bright as others, so it's always a good idea to check the specifications of the specific bulbs you are considering to get an idea of their brightness. Or Contact Us and we will be more than happy to assist.

Q3. How do I know if my car is compatible with LED headlight bulbs?

The chances are your car will be more than likely be compatible for LED headlight bulbs. Headlight manufacturers use bulbs that are readily available in LED alternatives, Once you have determined the bulb type for example H1 H7 H4, its just a matter of finding a bulb that is right for you. There are a few factors to take into consideration still like the amount of space you have within the headlight. Will the LED headlight bulb fit inside? Do you need Canbus or not?

We will cover this in more detail in another blog post, but in short, yes your car should be compatible. 


Q4. What is the lifespan of LED headlight bulbs compared to halogen bulbs?

The lifespan of LED headlight bulbs is typically much longer than that of halogen bulbs. LED headlight bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours or more, while halogen bulbs typically last between 1,000 and 2,000 hours and Xenon bulbs upto 4000 hours.


Q5.Which are better LED Headlight Bulbs or Xenon Headlight bulbs?

The choice between LED headlight bulbs and Xenon headlight bulbs largely depends on personal preference and the specific needs of your car.

LED headlight bulbs are known for their bright natural white light and improved visibility,  energy efficiency, long lifespan and are becoming increasingly popular. They are also more resistant to vibrations, have faster turn on time and are available at wide range of prices. Due to the technology and the fact they do not require a ballast means they are normally more compact and in some cases easier to install than a Xenon HID Conversion Kit. The colour of the light emitted from LED headlight bulbs are generally all the same, around 6000k (Ice White). Unlike Xenon HID Bulbs, LED headlight bulbs don't have the option to change the colour of them. Other LED bulbs like LED sidelights or LED interior bulbs do have the option to select colour for colours such as Red Yellow Green or Blue. Recent advances in LED headlight bulb technology means they can be manufactured to better suit a reflector style headlight or a projector headlight. For example our High Powered Canbus LED Headlight Bulbs are a great all rounder and work well in both reflector and projector style headlight, however our Project-X and TC-X LED bulbs are designed to give the best possible beam pattern and light output for projector headlights.

Xenon headlight bulbs, also known as HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs, are also known for their bright white light and improved visibility. They can tend to be more expensive than some LED headlight bulbs because of the need of a ballast to control them. They are available in different colours and temperature of light, the temperatures we offer are 5000k (White) 6000k (Ice White) 8000k (Ice Blue).

Some cars come equipped with Xenon headlight bulbs from the factory and in that case can be directly replaced with one of our Replacement OEM Xenon HID Bulbs , however, if your car does not have this feature, upgrading to xenon headlight bulbs will require a Xenon HID Conversion Kit.

People that are looking to upgrade their halogen headlight bulbs are now more likely to purchase LED bulbs over a Xenon HID Conversion Kit, this is mainly down to the ease of installation and compact size of the LED headlight bulbs. 

It is recommended that you should research and compare both types of bulbs based on your car's specific needs and your own personal preferences to make an informed decision.

Q6. Are LED headlight bulbs easier to install than a Xenon HID Conversion Kit?

In general, LED headlight bulbs are easier to install than a Xenon HID Conversion Kit. This is because most LED bulbs are smaller and are designed as a direct replacement for halogen bulbs, often being the same shape and size of a Halogen bulb meaning they can be installed in the same way.

Please note some halogen bulbs are installed in what we call a Bulb Holder, these holders do just that. hold the halogen bulb inside the headlight. If your vehicle uses a bulb holder of some kind rather than the standard spring clip often found, then you would need to purchase a Bulb Holder compatible with your vehicle and the bulb you have chosen to replace with either Xenon or LED. 

Q7. Can I install LED headlight bulbs on my own or do I need to take it to a professional?

Depending on the specific model of LED headlight bulbs you choose and the make and model of your car, installation should be easy and straightforward, and can be done by yourself. If you have ever changed your headlight bulb before then the process should be the same. However, if you are not confident in your ability to install them or unsure it is recommended to have it done by professional.

Q8. Are LED headlight bulbs safe for use in my car?

LED headlight bulbs are safe to use in cars, as long as they are used according to the manufacturer's instructions and are compatible with your car's headlight system. We often see people online claiming that they keep getting flashed by other drivers, this often occurs when the LED bulbs have been incorrectly installed or the wrong LED bulb type are used and the oncoming drivers are being blinded by the glare of your headlight bulbs.. Remember that not all LED headlight bulbs are equal and some are better than others when it comes to producing a beam pattern. If this is the case then no, those LED headlight bulbs you have installed are not safe and should either be replaced or adjusted to obtain a correct beam pattern.

Our Project-X and TC-X LED headlight bulbs installed inside a projector headlight produce an excellent beam pattern. Where as our High Powered Canbus LED Headlight Bulbs are better suited to Reflector style headlights.

Q.9 What is the difference between colour temperatures of LED Headlight Bulbs?

Colour temperature is a measure of the colour of light, measured in Kelvins (K). The lower the colour temperature, the more yellow or warm the light will appear, while higher colour temperatures will appear more blue or cool. Its common for people to automatically think that the higher the Kelvin the brighter the light. That's actually incorrect, the temperature that produces the most light is normally 5000k. However a 5000k LED is classed as a warmer light and as closer to the colour of a halogen bulb, people upgrading often want to get away from the dated yellow look of headlight bulbs and choose LEDs with a temperature of 6000k to 6500k.

Q.10 Can upgrading to LED headlight bulbs get me in trouble with the law?

Some countries may have regulations regarding the use of aftermarket LED headlight bulbs, especially when upgrading from halogen bulbs. It's important to check with your local laws and regulations to ensure that the LED headlight bulbs you are using are legal in your area and if they are meeting the road safety standards in your region.

In simple terms, in the UK it's illegal to install anything other than a halogen bulb inside an halogen headlight. Even some performance halogen bulbs are classed as illegal.

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