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Installing a HID Kit Without A HID Bulb Holder

Installing a HID Kit Without A HID Bulb Holder

We get asked all the time about installing a hid kit when the vehicle has a H7 Bulb holder, these can be found on many cars including some Ford Fiestas, Mercedes A Class, Mercedes C Class and many more.

H7 Halogen Bulb Holder

We used to sell a modified version of this that was split along one side and allowed us to quickly and easily pass the HID Bulb wiring through it, the problem was with the slit in the bulb holder it lost its rigidity and made installation difficult. We stopped selling them and using them ourselves and instead devised a way to use the original bulb holder.

Here's how.

When you first take the H7 bulb and bulb holder out of the headlight this is what it looks like.

H7 bulb and bulb holder.

Simply pull the H7 Bulb out of its socket and you will be left with just the Bulb Holder and the original socket.

H7 Bulb holder and socket.

Prise the Bulb holder from the sides away from the socket, you should then be left with just the H7 Bulb Holder.

H7 Halogen Bulb Holder

Next take the H7 Xenon HID Bulbs.

H7 Xenon HID Bulbs

Untie any of the cable ties so the wiring is laid out like so.

H7 6000k Xenon HID Bulbs

Take the wiring with the two spades on the end and gently pull them through the rubber grommet.

H7 Xenon HID Bulbs

With that done now take the round connector still connected the the H7 HID Bulbs and squeeze it through the H7 Bulb Holder.

H7 HID Bulb Wiring

H7 HID Bulb Wiring and H7 Bulb Holder

H7 HID Bulb Installation

Once you have the round socket of the HID Bulb through the hole, place the smaller connector through too.

Installing H7 HID bulbs

Feed the Bulb Holder down the wiring and fold the rubber grommet and post that through as well.

H7 HID bulb Grommet Fitting

H7 HID Bulb Wiring

Now feed the spade connectors back through the holes in the rubber grommet.

H7 HID Bulb Fitting Guide

Now your left with the H7 Bulb Holder and the H7 HID Bulb ready to install.

H7 HID BulbInstalled without HID Bulb Holder

Take the plastic cover off the HID Bulb and align the Bulb Holder correctly.

H7 Xenon HID Bulb

H7 Xenon HID Bulb and H7 Bulb Holder

Install the H7 HID Bulb and the original holder into the headlight, checking the fit from the front of the headlight.

H7 HID Bulb Headlight Install

Fitting the rest of the HID Kit remains the same.


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