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How to fix Ford Transit stiff rear doors.

How to fix Ford Transit stiff rear doors.

We've been having some issues with our own van where the passenger side rear door became so stiff it was almost impossible to open and close it. This is a common issue on the Ford Transits and can often result in damaging the panels on the outer of the doors themselves.

We all know the metal used on these vans is extremely soft, sometimes the force required to open or close the doors when they become stiff is enough to crease the door. 

You would be surprised just how many Transits you see driving round with creased rear doors because of this. 

Most people suggest just using wd40 or similar, but the design of the hinge itself limits the access and the ability to penetrate the bolt inside the hinge to free it up.

We found the best solution although a little drastic was to drill a small hole into the outer of the hinge and then use a penetrating oil spray with a straw to get it right inside. 

Stiff ford transit rear door fix.

Opening and closing the door several times once this was done freed the door up and allowed us to now open and close it as normal. 


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