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Osram 66140 D3S Xenon HID Bulb installed onto this Audi Q7.

Audi Q7 D3S Xenon HID Bulbs

Another local customer to our fitting centre in Oldham, Manchester. Called in to replace his failed D3S Xenon HID bulb on his Audi Q7. Apart from the obvious headlight not working the vehicle also had a Dipped Beam warnings on the dashboard. Audis normally display the following errors when a bulb has failed...

  • Left Dipped Headlight
  • Right Dipped Headlight
  • Left Dipped Headlight / Main Beam Headlight
  • Right Dipped Headlight / Main Beam Headlight


Audi Q7 Xenon HID Bulbs


The customer opted for the Osram 66340 Original D3S Xenon HID Bulb.

You can buy a range of D3S Xenon Bulbs on our website or you can now also upgrade your D3S bulbs to our latest D3S LED Bulbs.

Top Tip!

If you are unsure whether your Xenon headlight bulb has failed or the Xenon Ballast has failed. You can swap the bulbs from one side to another, if the bulb has failed it will still no illuminate on the opposite headlight. If it does work on the opposite headlight then its the ballast thats failed.

We sell a large selection of factory fitted headlights for your D3S Xenon HID Bulbs here.

OEM Xenon Ballasts



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