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Audi A3 Canbus H11 LED fog Light Bulbs

Audi A3 H11 LED Foglight Bulbs

A Local customer of ours needed to replace a blown standard H11 Halogen bulb in his Audi A3 Foglight.

Instead of changing like for like with the Halogen bulb he decided that he wanted to upgrade his Foglights to LED, we gained access easily by firmly pulling the grills out that surround the Foglights. These can be a bit stiff if they have never been off before but with a bit of force they will eventually give. Once the surround is off there is just two Philips screws holding the Foglight Housing in place. Once you have removed them you can then easily swap the H11 Bulbs out.

We decided on installing our H11 Canbus LED Bulbs, these are not only super bright but they can also be installed without flagging up any Canbus Error Messages or Warnings on the dashboard.

Installing either lower quality Canbus bulbs or non canbus bulbs will lead to faults and or warning messages on the dashboard, some of the VAG cars can also turn the power off to the bulbs if it detects any issues. You will not get any of that from installing our H11 Canbus Bulbs.

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