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AmbiFog+ Bluetooth RGB Colour Changing Fog Light Unit Installation Guide

AmbiFog+ Bluetooth RGB Colour Changing Fog Light Unit Installation Guide

Xenons Online AmbiFog+

AmbiFog+ Bluetooth Controlled Colour changing RGB LED Fog Light units & Sequential Indicators Installation Guide

1. Remove the original Fog Light Housing

2. Install the AmbiFog+ Fog Light unit.

3. Plug the waterproof connections together taking care to line up correctly, then tighten the waterproof ring to make a seal.

4. Route the cables neatly and attach the Positive + (Red Wire) to your power source. We recommend wiring direct to the battery or if the battery is located inside the car or boot then the Positive access point located under your bonnet.

5. The Negative wire - or Earth should be attached to a dedicated earth point or chassis / body of the vehicle.

6. The yellow wire is the indicator signal wire, this needs to be wired into the indicator feed wire going into your headlight. Each vehicle will be different so use a multimeter or test lamp to locate the correct wire.

On the Ford Transit Custom the Indicator feed wire is wire 6 as in the photos.

Make sure you test that you have wired the correct Yellow Indicator Feed Wire to the correct side. You don't want your Fog Light indicating left when your turning right. :D

7. The White Wire is used to dim down the rings whilst your other lights are on, most people do not connect this wire as they want to run full brightness all the time.

If you do wish to wire this function in then it should be wired the same as the Yellow Indicator Feed Wire but this time splicing it into the Sidelight wire going into your headlight.

8. Download the Magic LED App to control the settings of your AmbiFog+ Fog Light Units, make sure your Bluetooth is enabled on your smart device and scan and pair to "SP105E".


That's it, installation is complete.



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