LED Bulbs

LED Bulbs are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a much whiter and brighter light than your standard yellow tinted halogen bulb. LED Bulbs have a much longer lifespan, consume less power and do not become incredibly hot after use, like Halogen bulbs do.

LED Bulbs run on a lower wattage than your standard halogen bulb. If you own a newer vehicle, your car may succumb to a false “Bulb Failure” warning on the dashboard. However, most of our bulbs that we stock are Canbus compatible, which means that they can properly communicate with your cars internal Engine Control Unit.

If you are unsure whether these bulb are right for you, get in contact with us and we can offer you advice before make your purchase.

We also stock CREE LED Bulbs that offer some of the brightest, whitest light on the market currently – these really do give you the ultimate brightness possible!

Not only do we stock LED headlight bulbs and internal LED bulbs, but we also stock LED Bulbs for Sidelights, Brake Lights, Reverse Lights and Fog Lights.