Ford Transit Custom Xenon HID Conversion Kit

  • 1x H7 Canbus Xenon HID Conversion Kit
  • 100% Error Free - Tried & Tested
  • Highest Quality | Ready To Fit | Plug & Play
  • 3 Years Warranty!
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Product Description


Our Ford Transit Custom Xenon HID Conversion Kits use leading edge technology to provide the ultimate non error lighting solutions on the market today. They do this by using the highest grade components and the latest technology adding the two together we can report a massive compatibility rate.

The bulbs we use are not only built to last longer but they are also built to out perform others too, we achieve this again by sourcing top quality components and materials from around the world. These bulbs are tried and tested so you can be confident about buying quality items that will last. These kits are designed to last an impressive 3000+ hours.

Combining both our bulbs and ballasts, our kits produce an excellent crisp light beam perfectly highlighting any obstacles in the road and illuminating the surrounding areas unlike traditional Halogen bulbs.

Upgrading to one of our Xenon HID kits result in a marked improvement in light output and a much more noticeable amount of light laid down onto the road, resulting in quicker reaction times by being able to avoid any obstacles much sooner. Tests suggest that users can see as much as 300% more light over a standard Halogen bulb and lasting 10 times longer too.

Colour Temperatures

The kits come in a variety of colour temperatures to suit how you’d like your lights to look.

  • 5000K (White & Bright) - Pure white ‘daylight’, giving the most light output.
  • 6000K (Blue Tint) - Blue tinted white light, giving a modern, cool, ice-white look.
  • 8000K (True Blue) - Intense blue, best for styling and an ultra-modern look.

Xenon HID Bulb Temperature Guide 5000k 6000k 8000k


The Ford Transit Custom Package will come complete with everything you need to convert your headlights to Xenon HID.

The kit contains

The kit will arrive ready to install Plug & Play with no additional wiring modifications needed.


Bulb Type H7
Canbus Yes
Voltage 9v - 16v
Warranty 3 Years Warranty
Wattage 35W



This does not apply to our new ballasts but please read.

The Ford Transit uses a very complicated Canbus system, if for whatever reason your vehicle detects the same fault several times it may switch off the power to the headlights, the only way to reset this is with a diagnostics machine. Most vehicles receive no errors what so ever but we have had a small number of vans that flagged a error up when first starting the vehicle. The lights continue to function, however the Canbus system is counting the errors and after several times of this occuring the system will shut down the power to the headlight.

This probably will not affect you but please keep in mind the possibility of this happening, if you are unable to reset the system yourself in the event that you may need to then we would advise you not to purchase this item. Anyone receiving error messages after installing this kit should contact us immediately. 


Installation Guide

Ford Transit Xenon HID Kit Installation Guide

Features and Specs

Additional Information
Bulb Type H7
Canbus Yes
Voltage 9v - 16v
Warranty 3 Years Warranty
Wattage 35W