LED Logo Lights have been designed and manufactured to be one of the easiest modifications you can carry out with your vehicle, however they can also be one of the most rewarding.

 Un Packaging the LED Logo Light

Once you receive the unit take it out of its packaging making sure not to misplace any additional wiring adaptors that may be in the same packaging as the lamps.


Step 1.

Open your door, and look underneath for the original Puddle Lamp.

A picture showing the original BMW 3 Series puddle lamp installed.


Step 2.

Place a large headed flat screwdriver in at one side of the lamp until just the edge of the screwdriver is between the lamp and the trim of the vehicle like below.

Replacing Standard Puddle Lamp to LED Logo Light Step 2

Once you have the screwdriver between the lamp and trim, gently twist the screwdriver and the edge of the lamp will pop out. Once it has been released then gently slide the lamp out to one side. Be careful because some of these can be quite hot don't forget the wiring is still attached.

Halogen Puddle Lamp


Step 3.

Now the original halogen puddle lamp has been removed we can now disconnect it ready to install the LED Logo Light.

Simply pull the connector away from the lamp, being careful to pull the connector and not the wiring, if very stiff you may want to try a lubricant such as WD-40 to help release the connector.

Our lamps are normally designed with the same style of connector as the original, however is some instances the vehicle manufacturers change them, if that is the case you will need to use the wiring adaptors included in the packaging.


Step 4.

Connect the wiring to the lamp and be sure that the lamp illuminates, once this is confirmed you can proceed to install.

Before actually clicking the LED Logo Light back into place in the hole located under the door, shine the LED Logo onto either the floor or the palm of your hand. This will eliminate the chance of getting it wrong and projecting the LED Logo the wrong way round. If for whatever reason you need to adjust the logo slightly and the way it aligns then you can do this by turning the black cylinder shaped projector that the logo in projected out of onto the floor.

How to adjust the LED Logo Puddle Lamp Projector


Step 5.

Once you are happy with the way the LED Logo Light projects you can slide the lamp wire end first back into the trim of the door as far as it will go, next gently push the lamp in a upward motion until it clicks back into place.

The new BMW LED Logo Light installed into the original housing with the original wiring. Plug and Play!

Job done!


The car we used for this demonstration was a 3 Series BMW, the customer on this occasion chose the original BMW Logo Over the M Sport Logo.I think the end result and the way the BMW logo is projected on the floor speaks for itself really don't you think?

BMW Logo being projected onto the ground from a Xenons Online LED Logo Puddle Lamp Light.