First job is to open the bonnet of course.

The only thing holding the headlamps in are two T30 Torx bolts.


One on the left hand side of the headlamp fixing the headlamp to the slam panel.


And another on the top right of the headlamp fixing to the wing hiding behind the back of the bonnet hinge.


Once these are remove the headlamp will pull forward, if it feels stick / stuck in place then check the fixing tab and if tight gently pull it forward. It should then give way.


Be careful not to pull the headlamp out too far as its still got the wiring harness attached to it and the connector fastened into the headlamp itself.

Wiring Harness Connected to Headlamp.


Gently pull the wiring harness out of the metal spring clip.


Follow the wire down and you will see where the actual connector is connected to the headlamp. You need to push the tab backwards whilst pulling the connector off the headlamp. It could be stiff so be careful and apply lubrication if needed (wd40) if needed.



Once that is off the headlamp will be free to remove.


Take the rubber cover off the rear of the headlamp, inside here is your Dipped beam bulb (H7) and your Sidelight (T10 501).


Take the connector of the rear of the H7 Bulb by pulling it gently, if stiff try to wiggle whilst pulling.


Then press one of the tabs in whilst pulling the H7 Bulb out, you may need a small flat bladed screwdriver to do this.


Once the bulb is out take the bulbs out of the box and take the plastic protective cover off them.


Once you have the bulb out of the protective plastic cover, without touching the glass with your hands or fingers gently insert the bulb into the headlamp. When correctly in position and pushed enough in you should hear and feel it click into place. This can be a problem when using HID or LED conversions that use plastic bases, the plastic bases can be thicker resulting in the bulb not being installed flush and can often fall back out.



Once the bulb has locked into place insert the spade ends as shown here. Black to Brown and Red to Red.


Now connect the power wires from the ballasts and bulbs. This can only go one way.


Now on this particular vehicle we can install the ballasts inside the headlights with no issue at all and with no modification to the Xenon HID Conversion Kit or headlamp.


Once everything is tucked away and nice and neat you can put the rubber covers back on and attach the headlamp connection back on.


Carefully place the headlamp back into position and clip the wiring back into the metal spring clip.


 Put the T30 Torx bolts back in.



Switch the light on stand back and admire.


Do the exact same on the other side.


More often than not this can easily be achieved in 15 Minutes start to finish and should take no longer than 30 minutes.


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