H15 Bulbs havn't been around aslong as some of the other bulbs we supply.

The standard H15 Halogen bulb is displayed below.

H15 Halogen bulb

This type of bulb using the PGJ23t-1 base is a dual filament bulb, this bulb is capable of producing a Hi / Lo beam pattern as is the H4 bulb.

Many manufacturers have started to use the H15 Bulb to take care mainly of the DRL & Main Beam functions. There are many H15 LED and some H15 Xenon HID Bulb replacements available to buy across the internet. Many people looking to upgrade the H15 are often drawn to the low cost LED versions available, only to find out that once installed they're great for DRL but not so good when it comes to the Main beam function.

Below is a picture of a tyical low cost H15 LED bulb.

Low Cost LED H15 Bulb 

The problem is with this kind of H15 LED bulb is that the design has a design flaw, this flaw is mainly down to not being able to disperse heat due to not having any built in heatsink or cooling fan. Because of this the manufacturers are limited as to what LED chips / bulbs can be used. High powered LED chips / bulbs produce quite alot of heat and they require some kind of cooling. This issue is solved by using either a heatsink and other various heat conductive materials and or a cooling fan to keep the temperatures low allowing the bulbs to run at full power for long periods of time.

Our High Powered H15 LED bulbs produce a super bright white light in both DRL and Main Beam functions. We have tried and tested various types of H15 Bulbs some with heatsinks only and some with heatsinks and fans. We found both types to out perform the low cost LED bulbs shown above, choice of using a Heatsink or Cooling fan is normally the personal preference of the customer buying the product at the time.

High Powered H15 LED Bulbs

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